Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Diva challenge #191 and a new tangle pattern

Well, Ive been busy again trying this and that...
One night I wanted to have a play with paints, so I drew a picture same method as doing a zentangle, just as came. I nearly tangled all of it but didn't!
I used Koh-I-nor palette of bright paints

this one was for a Facebook challenge to use Bee-line,  I used the tangle as a string as well

Im amazed how this looks on a screen, almost luminous, but its only a watercolour background and white gel pen.

And finally my Diva contribution! I started with a sepia pen, thinking it was black..duh!  anyway, I kept going and here it is.

Our challenge was to use Betweed

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Diva Challenge #190 "Pink for Ardath"

Laura's grandmother Ardath passed away last winter from breast cancer, and most of us will know someone who has suffered in similar fashion. The challenge is to use pink in some way in honour of Ardath and others. I attempted to use tangles which were soft and gentle, then the idea of heart tangles came up, followed by the obvious question mark.
Tangles: Chillon, Leaflet, Heart divided, Heartstrings, Hearty, Pozer, Wud.

I have another pink tangle which I did this past week, again using last weeks challenge tangle pattern Yuma.

Tangles: Yuma, Printemps, Jetties, Antidots, Knase, Verdigough

This week I finished the rest of my Facebook ATC's for the swap! Our task was to use two colours and two patterns for all the cards. But they'll be posted very gradually with the price of postage as it is for international! Oops, I thought I had cropped it!!

To finish off with I'd like to share some of our delightful Spring flowers! They are so glorious after a colourless winter!

                                                             Have a good week!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Diva Challenge #189

A new tangle pattern is our challenge this week. "Yuma", by Tina-akua Hunziker came up on the random selector machine for Use My Tangle challenge. I found it enjoyable to use, guess as I like lots of lines!

Here are some of my latest "completions" from Ben Kwoks templates
Media: Watercolour pencils

Media: Prismacolour pencils and fineliners for tangle patterns

Watercolour paints, coloured pencil, markers and fineliners

We are having a fun swap on Facebook at the moment.  Chosing two colours and two tangle patterns, using the same for each ATC.  I have done all mine on a colour wash background, choosing pink and blue as the colours, and Florz and Leaflet as the patterns. I have found in doing so many that my creativity developed, and I was inventing things I hadn't thought of before.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Diva Challenge #187

My Millie in the window yawning in the afternoon!!
Our challenge this week is to use a blind string. I have completed two, one traditional and one coloured.

Some ATC's for a swap
a watercolour background swap to go.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Diva Challenge #186 (2)

I began this post card a few days ago and finally finished it. Its a more abstract version of leaves, more my genre. This was completed in watercolour paint. Added my cat "Millie", who loves to sit on the top of hubby's chair!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Diva Challenge #186: Spring colour challenge.

We were asked to trace or draw leaves and colour and tangle them with an autumn or spring theme.
First off, I had a spare watercolour background which was quite "autumny". I traced a few leaves from the garden, painted them, then tangled. I enjoyed that process. As it is Spring here, I wanted to do one to show off the lovely spring colours.

Great spring colours!
Fresh green leaves

Some fun pieces for Petal Power (Alphabet flowers)
Bridgen for 'B' and for 'C', Corner Box, Cruffle, and Chainlea.

Challenge for Square One.. Use 'Dex"
Sunday challenge : Bible books..Exis, Zedbra, Ragz and Arundel

Trial pieces for 2 tangles, two colours.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Diva Challenge #185. DUO tangle

This week our challenge is to combine Phycops and Diva Dance tangles.  I really didn't come up with any masterpieces this time as I found Phycops a tad difficult. I hadn't used it before. Anyway, you win some you lose some.

On our Aussie ZIA Facebook site we have a new challenge to create a flower from each letter of the alphabet..cool! My first is for A I used 'Antidot'

On the family front, I am so excited about  5 of my  grandchildren (girls) in their school sports. They ALL won first or second in every race, who hoo! Their mum nearly made state level so she is a runner indeed. The grade fiver won runner up championship, and grade three won 3 first places!!