Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Diva Challenge #219 with Markers

I've just about recovered from our Creative Yarragon weekend and am really enjoying the two sets of Mepxy brush markers I purchased, Basic and Pastel. They are such yummy colours, you can go to town with colour schemes. Our recent swap for Facebook is to create bookmarks 2 x 6 inches. I found it easier to create a 4" x 6" size first, then cut it in half. Here are four I've done so far.

Now for my Diva Challenge piece which has to be all straight lines! Decided to see if I could use a string with only straight lines, #120 fit the bill (oh, should've made a copy of it, sorry). Unfortunately for the photo I used a gel pen for some of the black, not realising it was metallic!!!

Tangles: Afterglow, Arukas, Cubine, Schway, Brella, Triral

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Diva Challenge #218, more spray inks.

This week for the Diva we are to work on black paper using a white pen. I've had no luck with white pens. I keep buying them - good ones too- and they just keep drying up on me. Ive googled what to do but its not worked for me. I started using some coloured gel pens I had then it came to me I had a box of gel pens from Smiggle. Yey! They worked! Nevertheless, I liked the colours so finished that one, then did a stacked one in white. I shaded in white charcoal.

I have just returned home from a most amazing event! A little village called Yarragon, 15 Minutes from where I live, normally runs an Art Exhibition every year. Instead this year they put on an "Arts Fest...the Full Spectrum". Twenty workshops over two days put on by twenty talented folk. Each ran for an hour and cost only $10. People even came from over one hundred miles away to be further educated in as many arts/crafts as they wished.

On offer were calligraphy, gouache painting, journalling, printmaking, zentangle, scraper art, felting, weaving in the round, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, paper characteristics, knitting, pastels, watercolour pencils, sketching, charcoal, coloured pencils, marker rendering,  In between my teaching sessions I did the workshop on using markers, and another with Canson Papers, which was an in-depth instruction about why papers and paints are so different in price and quality. An awesome two days.

Ive had some fun tangling over my spray ink backgrounds, even made a birthday card ..of sorts.

And finally an assortment of ATC's made for Facebook swap "Pop of colour"
Hope there's some inspiration for you here today!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Diva Challenge #217 Duo tangle.

Duo-tangles are fun. They're easy to do in that you don't have to think what tangle to use, and you exercise your brain in trying to make an interesting design. The two tangles we are to use are Bunzo and Dex. I chose to use brown and red microns and Copic markers to shade.

I introduced my art group to spray inks this week, they really had fun! Later I couldn't resist doing a "Stacked and Tangled" piece for Facebook.

We have recently in Australia celebrated 100 years anniversary of the battle at Gallipoli. A while back thousands and thousands of poppies were placed outside Windsor castle in England. In a similar fashion a most astounding red carpet was laid out in Federation Square in Melbourne. This was made up of thousands of crocheted flowers. What an awesome sight!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Diva Challenge #216 UMT "Brella"; Leaf tangleation

This month's tangle is called "'Brella" and it's by Canadian CZT Bunny Wright. We were encouraged to add a Star Wars bit but its not my forte so I chose to do a straightforward zentangle design.  Its seems a bit uninteresting compared to some of the wonderful designs many have done with this theme. I used the latest string #155.

Tangles: Brella, Kiss, Chard, Carp3, Parch, Florz var., Prestwood.
This week I have been working on my first zentagle commission! I shaded it per usual, but it seemed to spoil its freshness, so erased it. I'd like your opinion!

Regarding my colourful Dylusion tangles, they are still in the pipeline. I need to complete two of the above first!!
See you soon!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Diva Challenge #215 Labyrinth, Dylusion ink sprays

A labyrinth is not a maze. mazes are puzzles designed to vex the mind, but labyrinths are contemplative designs, designed to focus the mind . It is an ancient design, found carved into churches, temples and tombs around the world. a recent event in Sydney, Australia saw a labyrinth opened at Centennial park for the purpose of people from all walks of like to walk on and meditate upon. On May 2nd there will be a "World Labyrinth Day", a day to bring people all over the planet together as a symbol and tool for healing and peace.

Some labyrinth are round, some square in shape. I chose to do a simple square one.

Tangles: Paisley Boa and Lamar

I have recently purchased some Dylusion Ink Sprays, having been inspired by the work of Alice Hendon on her blog "Creators Leaf". I have a lot to learn in their use, but here are a few results which I have attempted to tangle, particularly for the Facebook group "Stacked and Tangled"

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Diva Challenge #214 "Amanda Day"

Whats Amanda Day you ask? Actually its Earth Day, celebrated in USA. Laura's little one just calls it Amanda Day !! We're asked to illustrate Earth Day in our own way. I chose to do a creation theme, a stacked tangle of the 6 days of creation. What do you think?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Diva Challenge #213 Use a stencil

This is a temperamental photo, meant to be last on my page! The Planetshakers conference I attended last week in Melbourne city.
This week we were asked to use something as a stencil, such as remains of a game card once play bits are pushed out. I didn't have anything like that so used nearest thing which was a Mathomat!
Lines I stencilled

Finished work. Tangles used: Fandango, Phroz, Euca, Footlites.

As I was away last week I was unable to blog, but did manage the Challenge, UMT Use My Tangle, in this case "Fans".

Last week I had a fabulous stay in Melbourne right in the city. The flat I rented with two others had two bedrooms and a balcony with an awesome view!
Great view of the Yarra River

Melbourne at night

The Melbourne Cricket Ground on the top left, top centre are Rod Lave Arena and Hisense Arena where  I was attending the Planetshakers conference, which was totally awesome.

The Eureka tower with the Australian Art Gallery in front over Flinders Street Rail yards.

I had a chuckle at this! Typical Australian humour growing trees upside down!!