Wednesday, 7 September 2011

challenge #38

Been a crazy week with our freezer packing up! Half the food was thawed out so I had to cook it, then squeeze the rest into our tiny freezer atop the fridge. Following that find some nice recipes to use up the cooked food. How wonderful to be able to relax with tangle after that!! I do like the Paradox pattern, but have to have more practice doing straight lines! Plus ensure the patterns match symmetrically. I just noticed when I scanned my second tangle on today it had a mistake! Oh well, perfection isn't our goal right? I did the second one a bit more simply as I'd like to colour it. Sometime!


  1. The moment I popped onto your site my mind said, "Oooooo, wow!" when my eyes landed on your colorful one. Sooo beautiful!!!

  2. very cool - especially like the rounding in the second one.