Sunday, 16 October 2011

ZIA for Gippsland art show

I have been working hard on a piece for the local annual art show. I wanted to do a ZIA piece to advertise zentangling. The first one I attempted was in black and white but as I felt it did not have enough impact, I began another one on a colour wash background, thinking I may colour it in afterwards. Creating them on A3 was a bit daunting, having done only the tiles and one or two A4's. The paper I used was from our art store room. It is lovely for linework, but not very receptive to watercolours, being too absorbent, I couldnt use gradient. Too late I discover this!
Finally after trying all sorts of pencils, markers and paints, I chose to shade with a grey marker (indirect) and then add touches of black coloured pencil for a stronger contrast of tone. Phew! Glad its finished, now to frame it. Here are my two attempts. I may do a bit more work on them yet however....

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