Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Wow, what a day its been today! Sorry I dont have the coloured version of 16 to show you as I left it at school mistakenly. My head was all over the place. It was my last lesson of the year, and students were to hand in their semesters work for assessment. Three students were absent, this meant I needed to track them down to arrange when I would receive it. Phoning parents, students, searching for students at school. Too much for me. To add to that I had some students who had not submitted an essay, for which they should fail the subject. I quickly wrote a redemption questionaire, that is, the essay broken down into simple questions.  This meant I had to find THOSE students to give them the questions. No wonder I was all over the place, loaded up with books to mark when I left school.

Anyway, I thought I could enter my latest large picture for art every day. Its not done today, but those who are following my "stuff" Im sure you would like to see it. Its A3 size, on colourwash.

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  1. Wow this is beautiful. I have walked through your site and you makes such a beautiful tings. I am a beginner and my first experiments are on my site. Normally I am a stamper, but I like this work very much. My compliments.
    Lovely greet from Holland