Thursday, 1 December 2011

colour schemes

Just filled in a colour schemes chart tonight for my new Year 11's tomorrow. Those of you who are experienced artists probably know all about these anyway, but there may be some who dont, so I'm popping a copy on my blog just for you! Its amazing what colours will actually go together! You need a tertiary colour wheel to do this with, so if you dont know how to do one of those let me know and I can pop one of those on, plus let you know how they are constructed.

A good idea is to have the same colour at the top of the 'clock' on the left, then later you can do other sets of colour schemes for other colours. Fill in the blank bar with the colours in the scheme in a design you create.  Simply abstract is the way to go, as its just a reference chart. If you have lighter shades of colour they can be used too.

The "Art Every Day Challenge Month" has finished. Although it was a challenge to get something online every day, it was so worth it to see the artwork of others. I really enjoyed it and thanks to all for putting their artwork online, and special thanks to Leah on Creative Every Day for organising it.  I plan to keep putting art online , tho not specifically daily. I learnt so much from others art work, it is a real blessing, I hope my work might help others in some way too.


  1. You can never have too much info, will you please post the color wheel info...thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and teaching ideas. This is my first year of teaching Art and you have inspired me in many ways!!


  4. I'd love the lesson on teaching then colour wheel please - this lesson is great