Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Challenge #61, calendar.

Still no laptop, it actually needs a new hard drive, how bout that! Anyway, I'll have to look for my camera wires so I can put photos on of some recent tangles on canvas.
This weeks challenge is to use the tangle "Golven"by Mariet. its one I really like so I enjoyed this. I thought what can I do with it? Did some normal first, then a variation or two. Plus some colour for more effects.
I continue to thoroughly enjoy working on Caroles calendar. I was inspired by Margaret Bremner's work on stippling (sorry havent learnt links yet) so attempted a page of stippling. When I finished, I felt they would look better singly.The technique appealed to me though. I like the gentleness of it.

I recently completed another coloured pencil work, this time I added quite a few tangles to the design. Title "Imagine 2"


  1. I love your use of the red - especially the red waves that go over the zig zag and then continue off into the corner. And your Imagine 2 is so beautiful - very spring-feeling!