Friday, 24 August 2012

Eat your art out exhibition

A local artist is working to bring tourists to our town. His strategy is to bring food and art together, he calls this 'Eat your art out'. He invited me to be the first to exhibit in a local cafe called "The French Pear". I felt quite privileged as its the best cafe of all! It has a massively long white wall, and a shorter white wall. Plus a back room!!

Down the long wall I have my watercolour paintings...
At the end my largest piece I call "Birds of every other colour". Named after a combined exhibition of art teacher's work 'Every other colour'
Here it is before being framed.
In the centre of the wall my "Big Birds",

To the right of this I have  small pictures from my very first exhibition..naive landscapes and flowers.
Here are some samples

On either side of Big Birds are my two favourites - "Rainbow Birds" and "The Plowman"....

On the short wall are my black and white zentangle works, most of which have already been on the blog of course! 

Then around the corner in the private room are my coloured zendalas...

On the counter I have a stack of cards with prints of the paintings on the front.

Most cafes and restaurants in Drouin now will have an art display, running for two  months. I think it should be a great attraction for tourists as well as for the locals.

Now back to create some zentangle challenges!!


  1. What lovely examples of your work Annie! Hope you are offering them for sale and get a lot of those coveted red dots. Lots of love. x

  2. Your work is beautiful. It looks like a great opportunity for you to get your work seen and sold. Good luck!

  3. Great Work.Just stumbled upon your blog.Love your art work.I have wanted to try the zentangles on canvas but have not done so.You have inspired me.I just joined your blog and look forward to following your art.They colored art is to die for.BEAUTIFUL!!