Sunday, 2 June 2013

Zendala Dare #60

I usually enjoy receiving the weekly Dare, but this week found the challenge a little offputting. Erin challenged us to select a previous template which we found difficult to do, or didn't like doing. A challenge is always good because it stretches you to do some problem solving. As I enjoyed all the templates, I thought I'd look back over some I had not completed. I found No 4 a design I definitely did not like, so chose that one to work on. Attacking this challenge head on I used colour and instantly felt better about the design. I used Sakura Jelly Roll pens and shaded with coloured pencils.

Zendala Dare #4

Tangles: Coaster, Hurakan, Hollibaugh, Black Pearl,


  1. It's lovely, I like the soft colors you used and also your choise of tangles.

  2. This is very soft and delicate looking and the color is wonderful.

    1. I had trouble getting my comment (above) to post, and it didn't say who I was. Don't know why. Anyway, I do like that soft and delicate zendala, and the color is what makes it pop.

  3. So very pretty and has a summery feel with the colourful surfboards :)

  4. Beautiful, Love your Hollibaugh version.
    And the colors are so bright!

  5. This is very difficult template but You have drawn it now so light and colorful, like summer. Beautiful!

  6. If I haven't told you before, your work is absolutely beautiful. This shape had to have been hard but you did a wonderful and awesome job with it. I always look at your blog when I get the notification in my email. Thanks for sharing your work with us!! It is very inspiring!!

  7. Your color choices are simply beautiful and so is your Zendala. All of your zentangle patterns go well together, too!

    Be creative and catch some happy!

    Jacque Solomon

  8. Like the colors. Nice choice of tangles to use.

  9. The colors are fantastic!