Saturday, 9 November 2013

What have I been doing??

Recently I have had trouble- again- with my laptop, and been unable to log on to the Internet. I have a tablet but it doesnt work for my blog. Sooo, what have I been doing? I am a great fan of Margaret Bremner's work, and not long ago she was into trees. This inspired me to try some out, so I did. I coloured them with Derwent Inktense pencils, my lastest media fave. The first I did on a normal tile, the second in my watercolour paper ZIA book.

For those who are into sewing, I have made a few cute felt toys (9 actually) for my grandies who I shall see next week way over in Perth, WA. Four and a half hour flight will give you an idea of the distance away they are. Plus a train trip of 1 1/4 hours and the Skybus to the airport of 20 minutes. Not to mention waiting for each in between!  Long day!!


  1. Your trees are wonderful! I know the grand kiddos will love your little felt sweet. And good luck to you on that long trek!

  2. You're trees are also super inspiring. I love trees and think I'll do something with them too, now.