Friday, 27 December 2013


Ive had some fun playing with ATCs. Quite like the fact that they are smaller. I had some nice replies from last blog that a few folk will swap with me, but I'm not sure they realise I live in Autralia!! Thanks to them very much. indeed. For two of these I did a colour wash background first but found the linework didnt really stand out enough. This was for tangling. The cogs one I did with coloured pencil and the other using micron pens. For the circular design I actually enlarged some zendala designs and printed them off to work on. The patterns were scattered over A4 card, then I cut them up into ATC size.

 Does anyone out there have an Apple Macbook or iPad who can help me to do my blog on? I have just switched from Windows to Apple and am finding the difference frustrating although I have quite fallen in love with my ipad mini. The problem I have found is getting my pictures onto the blog. I can write  it ok but have yet to find a way to download my photos.

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