Monday, 10 February 2014


I'm a bit cross with Apple because I can't do my blog on my ipad mini which is almost attached to me I use it so much. I've about forgotten I actually have a camera as I now take all my shots on the mini. If anyone out there knows how to get photos in the mini (or ipad tablet) onto the blog via insert image please let me know, I would be delighted. It would mean I can do blogs anywhere and not need a scanner. Thanks.

I enjoyed doing this Dare as it was nice and simple! I liked using one colour with the graphite pencil too.

Whilst you poor North Americans are suffering snow and blizzards, and poor folk in uk are being drowned out, we in Victoria, Australia are enduring very hot weather, winds and bushfires. I became a bit anxious today to look out over the balcony. Normally we look out onto a mountain range, but all I could see was next doors trees.

This wasnt near us but further east , pretty awesome.
I actually went looking for where this fire was and couldnt find the place, though I dont think its far from the amount of smoke we have around us. In my search I found this amazing picture of a tree glowing.


  1. I love this! It looks like feathers. I can't imagine dealing with all of that smoke where you are. For your mini, are you using the blogger app or trying to upload through Safari or Chrome or a browser?

  2. Hi! I hope you are safe from the fires. I live in Connecticut USA, but my brother lives in Woodend, Victoria. When I see pictures like yours I get very worried I must say. I do know Gippsland is fairly far from the Hanging Rock area, but my thoughts are with you all in this heat and the fire danger. Mum and my sister are in Sydney and aren't too badly affected at the moment, other than the heat. Good luck! By the way I love your tangles!

  3. Your Dare is beautiful. Love all the detail. Love the additional of the red color.

  4. Your zendala is beautiful, I love Footlight in it.
    Stay safe!

  5. Your tile is really lovely, but I can't get over your pictures. The burning or glowing tree is beautiful and scary at the same time. Be safe, take care and I wish you well.

    Keep tangling!

    Jacque Solomon
    Atlanta, GA - USA

  6. The red makes the zendala pop. Nice shading on Footlight.

  7. While I'm completely over the snow here in Indiana, USA, I'll gladly shovel the driveway a hundred times to avoid wild fires.