Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Diva Challenge #184

For this challenge we are to use Molly Hollibaugh's pattern "Ing". It's a fun pattern to work with as it is so flexible. My first tile was an adventurous one as you will see, trying to do something different for me. Following that one I wanted to do a coloured one, but it seemed more suited to black and white when I had completed it. In the second one, I used the line extension method to divide up the tile. So..I tried another tile! This was more flowing and this I did colour, using both paint and pencil. I wondered if I should colour the background but left it white. Hope my design's will inspire you in some way.

Tangles: Ing, windfarm, lotus pod, moon stars.

Tangles: Ing, florz, khirkee, ilana, paradox, knase, Ricks arrows.

Tangles: Ing, mah-kra-mee.

I'm also participating in some Facebook tangle sites which offer challenges, and thought these may interest you..

The first is a weekly challenge around the books of the Bible, this weeks being Chronicles. This means TEN tangles! So undaunted, I decided to overlap some, with interesting results. The second challenge was to use Quib.

Tangles: Cubine, Hollibaugh, Rain, Oke, Nipa, Inapod, Capell, Lotus Pods, Emingle, Strircles.
(can you find them all?)

Tangles: Quib, Roscoe.
And thanks to all who gave such encouraging comments last week, it means a lot!!


  1. I love your first tile: ING supporting the other tangles ;-)

  2. Great pieces al together, but my all over favorite is the colorful ING with Mah-kra-meh

  3. All of your challenge tiles are terrific, Anne. Your ING tiles are so creative and well designed. Love the organic flow of the third, and the beautiful colors.

  4. I really like your ING tiles, especially the coloured one. I'm going to try some colour.

  5. Like the effect you created in the first one. I have started one rounding the edges like you did in the color one. Have not finished yet. It is an interesting look.

  6. All are so very beautiful, Anne! I think the first ING one is most intriguing.

  7. Very pretty tiles. I really like the ING with macrame

  8. I love the colourful ING, amazing tile.

  9. Lots of fun different ways on your tiles! Lovely!

  10. wow and wow again. Beautiful tiles. So diverse, so elegant.
    I love the pastel colors version, I love the 4th tile with the 3d effect. Your quib is fabulous, and the first tile - love the black and white play you did.