Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Diva Challenge #213 Use a stencil

This is a temperamental photo, meant to be last on my page! The Planetshakers conference I attended last week in Melbourne city.
This week we were asked to use something as a stencil, such as remains of a game card once play bits are pushed out. I didn't have anything like that so used nearest thing which was a Mathomat!
Lines I stencilled

Finished work. Tangles used: Fandango, Phroz, Euca, Footlites.

As I was away last week I was unable to blog, but did manage the Challenge, UMT Use My Tangle, in this case "Fans".

Last week I had a fabulous stay in Melbourne right in the city. The flat I rented with two others had two bedrooms and a balcony with an awesome view!
Great view of the Yarra River

Melbourne at night

The Melbourne Cricket Ground on the top left, top centre are Rod Lave Arena and Hisense Arena where  I was attending the Planetshakers conference, which was totally awesome.

The Eureka tower with the Australian Art Gallery in front over Flinders Street Rail yards.

I had a chuckle at this! Typical Australian humour growing trees upside down!!


  1. Interesting string...nice tile!

  2. I like both your tiles and I love seeing these photo's of Melbourne, so very far away from the Netherlands, where I live. Thank you for sharing, Anne

  3. GREAT tangle composition !
    Great photo's - thanks for sharing!

  4. Like Annemarie, I have enjoyed seeing both your tiles and the views of Melbourne this week. I giggled out loud to see the tree growing upside down and was impressed with Melbourne at night.

  5. Wonderful tangle work this week...the Fanz piece as a monotangle was great. Also, really enjoyed your travel pix too! Not sure if I'll ever make it to Australia, so will enjoy it vicariously. That tree was amazing....REALLY? Wow!

  6. Your stenciled string looked to be challenging, but you nailed it beautifully. I liked your Fanz piece too. Both looked good. Just one question though...how do they keep the tree from falling out of the pot? lol