Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Diva Challenge #226 "Simplicity"

I've been away for a few days in the city of Melbourne and it has been cold and wet. When I left today  it was 8 degrees centigrade! But I have been keeping up with my tangles, and have a few to share tonight now I am back on my laptop.

This weeks' challenge to use two or three tangles and white space was an enjoyable task, and I liked the result, particularly as I'm prone to fill a tile every time!! I wasn't sure about the shading so I've included both.

 I think it must be the most minimal I have ever done.
Here's another tile where I attempted to create some white space.

Another challenge I worked on was a monotangle using Coaster, and an artwork for my tangle "Euca"
Euca in Prismacolours
For those who are struggling with colouring tangles, i'd like to give you a challenge to use the colours  red, aqua and lime green together and let me know what you think. Shades and tints allowed.
              Happy tangling!


  1. Beautiful! I love the colorful Euca.

  2. I love your second version (Is it a K ?). Very good use of white space and beautiful patterns.
    Your colored tangle "screams" Happiness to me. Very good work!

  3. Beautiful work! Your color sense is fantastic!

  4. All are so beautiful. I love the 'simple' one.

  5. Beautiful pieces, and they are all so different. I do like to see shading on tangles as it just brings them to life. Your colored tile is a fun change of pace too!

  6. These are all delightful. I especially like the effect shading has on your Coasters monotangle...really cool!

  7. Simple is shown in your nice tile!