Thursday 28 May 2020

Old works

Yay Im on a roll now!
Because I couldn't write more than one page before, Im just writing a new blog.
 I thought I might share some of my old work in case they might provide inspiration for someone.

These two below were for making bookmarks.

I just can't move things on my page now, grrr

From these three pics you might get some inspiration for colour schemes.

Maybe that'll do for today
Thanks for

Moving on

Took me a while to work out how to get into my blog to write!! Thanks to tracy who has encouraged me to keep going after a time of not writing, the main reason being I moved house!!! Sadly Ive haven't been doing much art, two reasons, I'm getting slower at life in general and my energy has gone into an art class. As they were all old beginners I had to keep things simple, so i haven't been producing in my own style. We made flower pictures, colouring in mostly coloured pencils and watercolour pencils. Occasionally someone might try watercolour paints. Then we used the pictures for cards.

Now I have a problem - I can't get anything else on my page!! So I will sign off and try to post it.

Monday 24 June 2019

am I still IN?

Just wondering if I can do my blog on my iPad !
I haven’t been able to on my laptop which is such a shame. 
The above pic is from my colouring book I was creating before the craze hit!, bit late now!😥
It is a monochromatic landscape from an original naive painting.

Here goes, see if it will load!,

Saturday 1 September 2018

Sept 2018

sept 2018

Google has been in touch and evidently they made changes to my blog. Why can’t things stay the same forever..?
It’s very hard on us elderly folk who want to continue with the technology they’ve learnt, but these geeks who are never satisfied have to theoretically make things better but in reality they get worse and you need a better brain or go back to school to keep up with it all. Frustrating
I’m writing this on my tablet. Maybe it’s still ok on my computer. I’ll have to check. That will mean getting up from my seat. Grr.

I’m still in the Zentangle world tho not as much. Helping others advance with workshops. But I’ve returned to my basic roots of painting.
I’m no professional nor am I a realist painter or use oils. I’m only for beginners. That’s prob cos I only taught secondary students.
So my art group and I are launching into watercolours. More like an adventure and exploration than technical masterclass.

If I can download some pics I will but I have to learn how to manage this new set up so be patient please.


Wednesday 8 March 2017


I am so thrilled right now!!
I have finally sorted how I can get photos onto my blog from my laptop!!
This may sound like Im dumb and it probably was, but I was using windows 
on my old laptop and found I couldn't do the same things on my Macbook!
Oh yeah, now I know you can just drag one across. I had tried that before but didn't work, 
So NOW I can tell you what Ive been up to, yehah!
(I've never typed in this format before, what do you think??)

I have been working with Facebook groups, in particular Travelling Tangles
For this group one does half a tangle, or just starts one, then posts them to someone else for a swap, who completes the tangle design.
I just LOVE to receive other people's work, it can be so inspiring.

As you will see below, the first picture is a batch I sent to a swapper, the second one  a tile I sent with a zengem, and what the swapper finished the design off with.

Hope you like them!


Friday 25 March 2016

Diva #260 and some swappies

Hi all!
I enjoyed doing this weeks challenge. However its not very technically good, but I had fun with the colour!

You may like to see what Ive been up to lately..more swaps with Facebook!!!" Tangled and Journalled.

 Hope you enjoyed my post!

Thursday 7 January 2016


Hello again to my lovely followers!
Lately i've been engrossed in end of year stuff, going away stuff and Facebook swaps!
So thought I'd drop in and show some recent work to keep you up to date and hopefully inspire you.
I may have shown this one before, but it was a good way to start a new book!

A small one using GellyRoll metallics

The next three are 3 ATC's put together from a 9page group and coloured separately

Entered this into a colouring page competition, you're welcome to try it.

A coloured in of top piece, I aimed at doing a rainbow technique

The next two are for a zendala swap

Hope you enjoyed my page today!