Thursday, 4 August 2011

Exploring Prismacolour

You think youve learnt all you need to know about using colour pencils, and then you discover another technique! I have been to workshops where the artist teaches the most intricate  of details and you only get a fifth of the picture completed in a whole day! I wanted to explore Prismacolour pencils because they will colour on black, and are quite intense. I tried them on zentangle card then asked the artist the artist who sells them what paper she recommends. Whilst she is presently using watercolour paper, she also likes Canson Edition, so I tried that with a tangle to colour. Results below.

After colouring, I used a "blender" no colour pencil. It evens out the colour so you dont have little white flecks showinbetter,g. I have always used Derwents in the past, and actually find these a little better, but would only get them if you are a colourholic. Im off to get some more colour tomorrow!! The artist came to our school today and showed students how she layers colours. somethng different.

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