Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday 3rd August

Managed to do challenge #33 in one go yesterday. Quite amazing considering I felt worn out after taking my year 12 students to a public art gallery. As we are studying the art industry, we needed to view methods of conservation and preservation, whats involved  in being a curator or an education officer, and how to hang an exhibition.
After that we went to another town, but there the gallery had closed down. Next town ...the electricity was OFF! Fortunately, the retail gallery had enough light to see the artworks and other products which they sold. As we live in the country, there are no solely retail galleries around. Most have accompanying things for sale, or do framing such as the last one we visited.
Viewing some local artworks.

And my attempt at Pendrils!


  1. Love this tile, so much movement!

  2. I love this tile! It is so pretty. It would make a beautiful print on a fabric.