Wednesday, 2 May 2012

canvas tangles and challenge #68

Who's been a busy girl?
Completed Challenge #68 (use tangles Hibred and Strircles) last night. I like the duo tangles, they require a different approach.
I discovered a Mandala site which taught how to "Grow a Mandala" from scratch and was delighted with my first attempt.
Then of course I have also been busy completing work for the Art Teacher's Art Exhibition which opens in two days and required delivery today! I managed a total of 3 single pieces and 2 double canvas pieces. I have put most of these on my blog already, so will post the rest today.

First #68
Second "Grow a Mandala" This was similar to creating a zentangle as you have no idea how it will end!
I drew a few grid lines but didnt do any circles, and was quite surprised how round it turned out considering I have difficulty making any lines even!
Yesterday I finished my recent canvas tangles, a pair but could be singles.

Then putting them together...

Not forgetting to do the edges... as some tangles didnt end up non the edge, I did a single one all along the edge,

As tthe other teachers wont have seen this type of art before, its going to be very interesting to see their response.. I'll keep you posted!


  1. I love how Strircles pops up under your hybrid! SO clever! THe tile looks great. Your canvases!!! Amazing! I know you'll be a hit at the art show!

  2. This tile is ingenious! All of your work is beautiful.

  3. I love the subtle circles in your # 68 challenge! Awesome!

  4. All your work is really wonderful. In the challenge I like the three colors and the way the design reverses direction inside the stircles as they cross into the hibred. How, with what media did you do the canvas tangles? I have done two on canvas. One I tried filling with oil paint, but that got smeared because my arm hit the wet paint on one edge. The other I covered the canvas with tissue first then did a tangle and colored some of it with markers in the focal point. Yours are really well done! I like the edge. I bet you are going to find lots of new tanglers after they see those examples.

  5. What's the site for growing a mandala? I love yours and would love to check it out.

  6. Your response to this week's challenge was very clever! And your canvas art is fabulous!

  7. I like your challenge piece, but I LOVE your canvas tiles. Wonderful work.