Thursday, 10 May 2012

night zendala #3.

I've started calling my little zendalas "night" ones as I do the while I watch TV! Pleased with this 3rd one.

Think I might make some greeting cards with it!!

My session teaching the Art teachers yesterday went well. They all enjoyed the time and learnt something new yet very relevant. I will share what I did soon for those interested. Busy today. I have 3 canvas tangles to create in a week for the Yaragon Art show. Decided I want to do a zendala for two of them, which I will add a border to, else would be too big!! This time I gave the canvas two coats of gesso before working on them.


  1. I love the colors. What did you use? I want to buy some colored pencils -I think- do you have a favorite? Right now when I color, I use Sakura .05 colored micron pens. Your color is vibrant, yet delicate. I really like that.

    1. I do the linework in .005 microns. With these fine tangles I use .005 to colour, but a larger area will use .02's. For coloured pencils I use Derwent Artist, and softer Prismacolour, and soon to get some new Prismacolours that are harder, so may cover the paper better. Sometimes I will use Tombow markers which are vivid but bit harder to control.Hope this helps.

  2. That is lovely! Not been very keen on Zendalas but this one is stunning!