Thursday, 20 September 2012

challenge#87;celtic crosses;blind strings

Been busy this past week or two. I was first of all challenged by Margaret Bremner's Celtic crosses so thought "Why not?" So pulled out all my celtic books to look for something I could work on. After selecting a few, I decided on this one to begin with. It took quite a while and proved harder than I thought to get things even.

Reasonably pleased with this, my next challenge was Laura's #87, 'Pinwheels for Peace'. I think I may have got a bit lost with this one, but anyway, its about the process isn't it?

Margaret's blog this week brought some relief presenting her fun tiles of vertical blind strings. Now I really enjoyed this one, simple as it is!

I have trouble leaving white spaces, and I really want to master this as I know how important negative space is, so this exercise was a breath of fresh air for me, thanks Margaret! I'm off to Perth next week to join my family there  of SEVEN  grandchildren, so we (they love doing tangles) will have fun creating the same again! Praps we can make a forest too!!

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