Monday, 24 September 2012

zendala dare#23

As I was packing today to go away I didnt think I would get this one finished, but as I did, I shall post it. I dont think I could go overseas anymore, its so much work to just go interstate!!!
I don't think the shading worked. Oh well, good to try things out .


  1. actually, in my opinion, yeah... the shading did work! mebbe it doesn't look like a sheet of paper but the contrast really makes the tangle pop. i'd say well done!

  2. FANTASTIC-- the shading is perfect
    I LOVE IT..
    every bit of it.... the design, and usually I am "miss symmetrical", so that background shaded on one side would not be something I would have thought of... but I LOVE IT.
    GREAT WORK- as always

  3. A very nice zendala! I love the boldness of it and then, all of a sudden it seems, the flowers in the corners.

  4. i like all the flowers :) it's a happy-looking tile!

  5. I 'specially like your interweave frames, and shading on 1/2 the background. Nicely done!