Sunday, 17 March 2013

thru the storm

you may have wondered about my silence and lack of posting this past week.
whilst in blog land a week isnt much really, to me this past 7 days have seemed like 7 weeks. 
sorry no caps i dont have the energy.
what happened?
 i had a bad stomach ache last sunday night the 10th.
 i thought it was just a bit of wind, but by 5.30 next morning the pain was so bad i just collapsed.
 i tried to get up and fell again.
my hubby was at the other end of the house and is half deaf, but somehow his ears were opened and he came to my assistance and called the ambulance.
i was operated on at 2pm that afternoon .
turns out i had appendicitis which burst .. say no more.
anyone who has experienced that will know what its like.
the antibiotics are rather debilitating and its frustrating when you cant do your art, watch tv or read a book!,
what else is there?
the blessing of friends calling is wonderful, but after the first wave they drop off.
hubby is wonderful but a computer person rather than a chatterer.
this is the first year of my retirement, so i have been used to days full of people and students to teach.
its so quiet its scary.
another thing with an experience like this is its brings you very close to facing death.
how morbid.
though i am a christian and have no fear of death, its always at arms length at least, not in your face.
if hubby had not heard me i may not be writing this.
i am writing this
i was not given over to death
god hasnt finished with me yet
the australian group 'hillsong' recently released a cd called 'cornerstone'
in the song they say
'throught the storm he is lord'
i am so grateful for that.

if anyone has been through this id like to know just when you get out of the doldrums!!!!
dont worry, ill be back posting pretty soon
thanks for listening.


  1. So glad Roger did hear you & acted are indeed Precious Precious Worker you. God has more plans for you dear Anne. Your journey is still beginning! You will return to full health, your creativity juices will flow again soon. your immune system is repairing in that & you are coming thru & out the other Side, yay!! luv Rosie xo

  2. Rest and get better! Your's is a scary story. We are reminded of how important it is to live in the moment!... Hugs, you will be better soon.

    1. yes that is so true. thanks for your kind thoughts susan, anne

  3. omg!! I hope you get to feeling good and strong and full of health soon!

  4. I understand exactly what you mean about facing your own mortality. Several years ago I was hospitalized and operated on for what they thought was ovarian cancer. Luckily it was a false alarm and I recovered from the surgery well. Count your blessings and just concentrate on getting well. And,
    Keep calm ... and tangle on!

    1. Thanks for sharing that Sue, I'm glad all was ok for you. I know I just have to be patient!!

  5. So glad you have survived and coming through to full strength, Anne - very difficult to have to slow down when you've always been so active - & it must have been really scary. My love and prayers for a speedy recovery from now on...

  6. You've had a heck of a shaking up Annie.

    Though I know it's no comfort, it's natural you are feeling as you are. Convalescence is the worst time. It always feels like one step forward and two back, but try and be gentle on yourself as you heal and your reserves get built up again.

    Fear not! You will bounce back!

    Praying you feel the presence of the Lord especially close as you rest and recover.

    love Hazel x