Sunday, 3 March 2013

Zendala Dare #47

I have certainly had fun since yesterday! Must have spent four hours working on Zendala Dare #47 last night , I couldn't stop. After I had  removed some ovals from the template I just HAD to do the original template!! Below is the original template with my adjusted template below having removed some ovals. The

challenge was to remove some of the lines.

Here is the first zendala completed on the original template.

After I had removed the ovals and placed lines across the circle, I was tempted to do a tertiary colour wheel! I finished this off today.


  1. Both are sooooo beautiful! The first one is very elegant, I like that.
    The second one gas beautiful colors and I love the way you can look trough the ovals.

  2. Your color wheel is beautiful!

  3. The color wheel is fantastic and I love the way the gray circle is a window through to the back!

  4. oh I love the second one
    its like silver!