Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Diva Challenge #179, twinchies!

First time doing twinchies (2" square) for the Diva!  But there's a story behind this.
A new 'creature ' has arrived at Zentangle central. Its name is Bijou, a little snail which attached itself onto Maria's suitcase while travelling (so they say). It has learnt to tangle, so were to create some twinchies remembering to ...breathe...admire...etc. After I competed my twinchies, I found some I'd done earlier.
I'm also involved in some Facebook swaps I'd like to share with you below.

Initials swap

by Lila Popcheff. Aussie swap - a postcard of where we live. I love this one.

ZIA onto a watercolour background. By Christine Medvetz. Cool!

USA tile swap: by Brenda Periera. Don't you love the card..and the delightful tile too.

Two I did for the swap

This isn't a swap. a challenge was offered to do the books of the Bible, employing each letter to select the tangles.
This was for the book of Ruth (see the face)

I hope you enjoyed my blog this week, you can see I've been very busy!!


  1. Oh, what fab colours and a darling little bijou. (Darling on paper, not in my garden!)

  2. Lots of beautiful work here! I love the third set of twinchies! The colors are great in these!

  3. What a wonderful Art Gallery. Beautiful colors and tons of talent. Love your Twinchies.

  4. Are all of these Twinchies? Oh there are so happy and free!!! What beautiful work you have here!! :0)Share Humanity

  5. Wow! You've really been busy! Love them all! I really like your use of color.

  6. Lots of colorful work here. They all look great.

  7. Lots to look at and so very beautiful. I especially like the last one!

  8. Really a great and colourful gallery of artwork!

  9. Love your colourful tiles!

  10. Love all these colorful, beautiful tiles!