Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Diva Challenge #178

'Use your initials to select the tangles' is this weeks challenge. I like these kind of challenges as one doesn't have to think much!! I used my initial 'A' for the string, and tangles Arches, Mumsy and Merryweather. Looks a bit awkward but there we are...

Guess what? I bought another gerbera! Cant resist them, especially when they're on sale!

Last week a friend gave me an art journal book. It is 260gsm and Bristol paper. Woohoo! The paper is sooooo nice I could eat it! In trepidation I started on the first page. Usual swirls! When all else fails, use swirls!
So far Ive swirled, tangled and blackened. Now I have to decide whether to shade or colour, and what to do on the background. Stay tuned....


  1. Great color on your challenge tile and How fun to have a new book to work in! I love bristol paper for some things too. Your swirls are fun!

  2. Great thinking to use your initial as the string. Your tile is bright and happy. Have fun in your new book. Aren't new papers just the best?

  3. The colors of your tile are for sure inspired by the Gerbera! Great swirls :-)

  4. Lovely and colourful tile! Wonderful Zia in your new journal book! I like bristol paper very much! Wonderful the smooth surface!

  5. Nice color combinations and shading with the colored pencils.