Tuesday, 31 January 2012


More of my tangles in this one, as monotangles. Prob is they don't really sit together very well, so maybe cover two while you look at one! Fraid I'm not that clever to separate them in such a way that they can appear on the blog seperately, and I dont have photoshop on my laptop, so there we are. I used the numbers for the strings.I was disappointed that the image on screen wasn't as good as the original and was informed today its cos the res isnt high enough on the scanner. I have SOOOO much to learn yet to make my blog better! PLease be patient. Ive begun to put some of my paintings on page 2 but have yet to learn how to put a link to it on the home page! Duh.

First class of the year tomorrow. I learnt today its all girls. Yay.

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  1. Anne your calender pages are beyond amazing... just scrolled back through them all and they are just fantastic, all so different and yet they still look like your work... so impressed...xx