Wednesday, 11 April 2012

4 calendar pages,including watercolour, 1 zendala

Having been away for a while, I have a few calendar pages to post, plus a zendala.

I experimented with this by creating the circles on my computer, plus the divisions.

This was just a colour fun one!

I often try to do something different, this was one of them.

This was coloured using watercolour paint. I wondered if the paper would take it ok. It did.
I had been showing how to do embroidery, and 'borrowed' the roses.


  1. Beautiful work! I especially love the zendala and the 22-24 page, but they're all wonderful.

  2. I *love* March 28-30! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my! Your work is stunning. That Zendala is captivating! The design in the center is one I use all the time in drawing and teaching Celtic knots, but I have not used it while tangling before. Is it a tangle with a name? Your calendar entries are all fabulous; the watercolour page (March 28-30) is so joyful! I am blown away by the March 22-24 page! It's so exuberant and fun!