Friday, 6 April 2012

A tangled holiday

Returned safely from Western Australia but not without incident. Our flight due for 1.20pm, we set off at 10am from Jurien  Bay. Also on board Chris's coaster bus were the eldest grandaughter Adrien, and a new doggie called Matilda. She is a 3 month old Rottweiller and gorgeous.She has been on these long distance runs before without a problem. Normally its a 2 1/2 hour trip to the airport.

After about an hour a really bad smell arrived in the van. "Who did that?" asks Chris. We look innocent and then I see a brown bundle on the floor. OOps! Doggie-doo. As we could not stand the smell, it had to be cleaned up thoroughly.  Fifteen minutes later another bundle appears. Oops, she's been sick! So we lose more time.

It wasn't me

We ring the airport to find time of next flight. Some good news, our flight has been delayed 40 minutes. Breathe sigh of relief. As time was now on our side, Chris made two quick business calls en route. BUT drawing closer to the city, the traffic turned into a snails pace. We should be ok with 35 mins before take off ..another BUT...Sorry, the plane is leaving in 10 minutes. The 40 minute delay had turned into a 20 minute one. Duh. Missed flight. Next one??? FIVE hours to wait.

A canvas tangle for Adrien
 Filled in time with coffee, lunch  and stroll around airport shops. By chance( or not) I noticed a book "How to Retire in 12 months" by Serena Star-Leonard. An Australian . As I am actually retiring in 8 months, and I still want to create an income, I purchased it. It has been an absolute delight. "This is just what I need" . So maybe we were meant to miss that plane??

Jurien Bay is great for fishing and has a massive marine park which includes sea lions and whales. The sand is almost white and very fine, the sea a tempting turquoise. It has a new pier which is semi circular!(nearly)

Next eldest girl Faith had her eighth birthday while we were there. Balloons and streamers. Great fun BUT when it was all over, where do we put the balloons? Idea. In the bath! So, when two stayed over in our caravan, they had a balloon bath!

After the bath, they kindly accomodated me by bursting all the balloons. I couldnt do it! Next thing was to remove the streamers....They made a nice hat!

Its always nice to go away, but still good to come home. Now my goal is do some more canvas tangles for the Art Teachers Art exhibition next month. Keep me busy while on school holidays. AND I will soon have the new set of Zendalas to explore!

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