Tuesday, 24 April 2012

challenge #67 and calendar

Instead of the darkness of  "Earth Day" we can now have a colourful  "Amanda Day" as invented by our wonderful Chewie ! Asked to illustrate this with 'earthy' things, I thought of a garden and happy colours. yet I seemed to get a bit mixed up and my effort didn't turn out as I hoped. anyway here's my little contribution.
I enjoy doing Carole's Calendar, but have got a bit behind now due to holidays, and back to work interferences, so am having to leave some pages blank. But I have started back to it as the term settles down with current dates being worked on.

Have to tell you the story behind the above piece. I had received my new set of Zendalas. Now you'd think I would want to start designing straight away yes? Sorry to say I viewed them as puzzles and tried to work out how they were constructed!! What does that say about me? That evening when I came to do the above calendar page, I'd become a bit obsessed with the compass!!. Quite enjoyed fiddling and making patterns.
Should have taken a photo of the line drawing, but didn't consider that at the time. Pretty easy though this one to work out anyway. Quite like the end result. Might try it again sometime. lol.


  1. Anne, your colors are gorgeous and your patterns of flowers and earth are inspiring!

  2. haha! i'm a bit intimidated by the zendala tiles i got! i'm trying to work on one now, but it's really hard to think of patterns! anyway, i like all the flowers in your tile - and the color! so pretty!

  3. I'm surprised to read that your Earth Day tile didn't turn out as you had hoped. I think it's perfect and very happy!:)