Tuesday, 17 July 2012

brilliant bookmarks

As you know I am rather addicted to colour wash at the moment. Well I had an experiment with using inks this week. Yay! They are soooooo bright! I may have used too much ink, but its a start. Once dry I then stamped them at the ends, followed by stencil letters which I tangled, then shaded in a purple and brown. I placed a little message on the back too. Wacha reckon?

On an A4 sheet of perspex I place 3-4 drops of ink in two colours, swirl them around a little, then lightly spray with water. For these bookmarks I used 300gsm watercolour paper which I pressed onto the ink, then carefully lift off and let dry. The white dots are using a gel pen. Have a go, its great fun. Let me know if you need pictures to show the method!!

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