Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Holidays and colour .

Wow! I was so excited  to receive a nomination for fascinating blog,  what an honour. I shall have to catch up seriously now. I noticed I havent blogged for a month, dear , dear.

I had a great two weeks in WA with my six grandchildren. Actually another was born to the same family last night!! This time I stayed overnight in Perth rather than do the trip in one go. After a four and a half hour flight which follows an hour and a half train trip, there is a three to four hour drive north from Perth to where the family lives. Breaking the journey is certainly a better way to travel. Whilst away I shared with some friends about Zentangle, they were most interested and wanted to know lots about it. Of course my littlies also love tangle patterns and avidly drew while I was there.
Abbey (7) is proud of her work

A closer look

More of her artwork

I was delighted with this one!
Adrien(9), loved to use colour.

Here we have the whole tribe!

I like the way the patterns contrast with the colour, which was applied with coloured pencils.

Some bookmarks I made for friends

Life has been hectic despite being holidays. I guess its a time when people catch up with each other. Nevertheless I managed to find some time to play around with different ways to colour my tangles.

For this I used Prismacolour Verithin pencils. I found they blended quite well, and were good for fine detail.

I used a colour wash background for this one. I did quite a few with grandies..they LOVE the technique.
Used coloured pencils for shading with some wuite gel pen for highlights.

So thats all I have for now. I have recently worked with some Gelly roll pens but have yet to scan those. Maybe tomorow...


  1. Love the young tangles! Natural talents.

    Just found your blog, and I'll start following. I really like your experimentations and variations.

  2. Well deserved blog award, and well deserved Grandma holiday.

    Welcome back! x x

    1. Hi Hazie,
      signed up for your blog again. Hope it comes now. Thanks for your encouragement. Its not an award its a nomination. Nevertheless nice to get. I think people have to vote, Im not sure yet, they didnt say. Hope you are all well. God bless

  3. Congrats on the nomination and did I read right that you welcomed another grandchild last night????If so... even bigger congratulations....... how exciting to spend time with them and I am sure they loved time with you... and you are training them up well... xxx