Wednesday, 18 July 2012

instructions for colour wash

Today I had my tangle ladies for our usual fortnightly afternoon fun together. We haven't met for quite a while as I was in WA and then it was 2 weeks school holidays. They showed me what they had been up to in the meantime. I asked their permission to show their work .

A zendala by Saeko Butler

Helen is really into quirky pictures, they are so cute.

Work on canvas by Roberta Adams (Bertie)

I commended her on designing a tangle!! Instructions to follow soon.
After our 'show and tell' I showed them how to do colour wash. In case some don't know the joys of that technique yet, I have some pictures to assist you here

Any water soluble marker should work.

You will also need a perspex or plastic sheet, a spray bottle for water and a rag to wipe clean the plastic.
I use watercolour paper or /and tiles.

Wipe the marker over the plastic sheet

Spray with water, two or three quick sqirts

Press paper onto wet area

Carefully lift off. They do look better when dry.

On the right is the first "Print", on the left another print over the same area.

Afterwards you can stamp then tangle

Shading with coloured pencil

A holiday class who had lots of fun!

Stamping added
Warning! This can be addictive. Practice will perfect your technique too. Enjoy!


  1. ... we all had a great time at our regular arty group. Were all inspired to stretch out in new directions now we can confidently do colour wash. It's always fun at your place ...

  2. This is so beautiful. Thank you!

  3. Hey this is totally awesome going to try this out this weekend!