Friday, 8 February 2013

for Train Lovers; wrought iron

We recently had a trip from Adelaide to Sydney on the Indian Pacific. This train goes from coast to coast. I think I have spoken about this before, but I have some pictures now.

This may look quite long, well it is!! 30 carriages!

Inside the lounge

The right and left side of our cabin with the ensuite door open. In there is toilet, shower and basin.

After dinner you return to your cabin to find the bed all  made up for you, complete with a chocolate!

My photos are playing up, so I am going to close this post and start another one to show you a town we stopped at which has amazing wrought iron work on the buildings.


  1. Was this before or since you retired Annie?

    I love to think of you roaming about at leisure with your camera! x

    1. oops..where did that go anyway, if you missed it, after I retired. last month. We flew twice, stayed in hotels three nights and a train the other. Phew. Never again....Took us 2 weeks to recover! Is this old age??