Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Zendala Dare #44 and Diva's #106 etc.

I have some good, bad and indifferent stuff today. some I don't really want to post its so bad, but as "there are no mistakes with zentangle", and others have been courageous enough to show their 'really bad' work, so I will too. Keeps us humble and that we aren't perfect, or 'have arrived' but are on a great JOURNEY TOGETHER.

Diva's #106.....Think I really lost the plot with this one!

Zendala  Dare #44
 I have been working on an A3 piece, using a Micron 005 sepia pen on Bristol paper -270gsm (lovely). I wanted to have as many tangles on it as I could , using ones A to E. A few others popped in when I wasn't thinking about the name!!. I photographed  and printed it out at A4 in sepia, then shaded it with dark brown Prismacolour Verithins. The original I am colouring in with autumn colours.


  1. Yes, the journey is what matters, not the result. However we remain human and prefere a beautiful (in our eyes) outcome.
    I think there is noting wrong with your snakes; it's a bright and colorful zia.
    The Dare is beautiful, I like the movement in it.
    The third one is also great; there is a beautiful flow in it and a great choise of tangles.

  2. You may think you lost the plot but I surely do see the story! It is not as bad as you fact... I like it! And I love the dare piece! Wow, is it ever gorgeous!

  3. Oh I forgot to tell you that you 41 tangle piece is outstanding!

  4. I like them all, but your last piece is really AWESOME!!