Friday, 8 February 2013

Trains Part 2.

Broken Hills most renowned artist Pro Hart, painting his town and its people as he saw them.
 We had a two hour "Whistle Stop" as they call it. in the town of Broken Hill. The town was pretty empty as it was around 7pm and everyone had gone home after a very hot day. The town is known for its silver  and mineral mines and is quite old for Australia. Now I look at these pics, I wish I had taken more of the wrought iron designs, they were amazing and everywhere.

Most of the older homes are built from corrugated iron

Heres a newer one, made from timber.

heres an hotel just out of town. in a town called Silverton. another name for Broken Hillis the Silver City.
is the Wild West or what?

Most of the scenery is pretty much like this. Desert really.

I picked this colourful gum nut in flower to paint at home. I just love the shape.

This is the main street, just to show you some of the wrought iron work.

How about this? a bit of Art Deco!!

Hope you enjoyed that taste of our outback!!
 Oh I nearly forgot! Outside the station are two great paintings of trains..

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