Saturday, 18 May 2013

Diva Challenge #118

I've had a lovely few days away  in Melbourne, despite the rain and cold weather. the hotel had good facilities so one could be entertained without going anywhere. Best thing was I was able to do four zentangle designs !! I think that's a record for me. proof I was able to relax, that's for sure. The hotel was near Albert Park Lake around which the cars race for the Grand Prix every January.

In the distance a tanker waits in Port Phillip Bay. Center is the Lake and you can just see the road which is the race track.

With facilities like this who needs to go anywhere. Theres also a lap pool.

This was my view of the city from the treadmill! Fascinating watching the traffic and the rain! I did 4k's!

The first tile I made was straightforward, as was the second, but in my ZIA book. I couldnt stop there but kept going and added some colour.

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  1. Your tiles are each so unique and lovely. I am beginning to think Kukes really pops with color. I love all the "orb" tangles you combined in the first tile.

  2. They are all wonderful. I think my favorite is the first one where you combined a number of orb tangles with kuke.

  3. I really love all your variations on Kuke, all 4 are fabulous!

  4. Quite an array of Kukes. I like the enlarged versions where only see a part of the spheres and the "pile of Kukes" in black and white.

  5. Oh, what beautiful and different tiles. Great for you to be relaxing so much.

  6. I'm glad to see and read that you had a great time in Melbourne. Your Kuke-tiles are awesome. My favorite is the first one, so may kuke circles combined in many different ways, it is very interesting to look at and to discover all the posibilities of this tangle.