Sunday, 26 May 2013

Zendala Dare #59

Really enjoyed this Dare! So  much so that I did two!! I did the coloured one first, using .055 pen, as I love a fine pen and colour. However thought I'd just do B + W for second one. I think I enjoyed this one even more as I was 'warmed up' for it.

Tangles: Camelia, Nipa, Vortex, Tipple, Ving.

Tangles: Diva Dance, Umble, Black Pearls.


  1. Both are very pretty. I love the contrast in the 2nd one.

  2. I Really Love the first one. the pink makes it feel so soft.

  3. The pink one is definitely my favorite!!

  4. Love the pink, and on the second one it looks like flames shooting out from center. Very beautiful.

  5. Love them both but the pink one just jumps off the page. Great choice of tangles on both of them.

  6. Really nice! I like both, but the pink would be my favorite.

    Be creative and be happy!
    Jacque Solomon