Sunday, 12 May 2013

Zendala Dare #57

I had a delightful Mother's Day today out with my daughter Samy. A nice meal in a local restaurant and a two hour chat all on our own..what a treat!!!
My hair could have done witrh some "editing"!! (Just recently cut, may change hairdresser)
Hubby and I are off to Melbourne for a few days this week, so I wanted to do the Dare asap!!
Template 57 is compliments of Genevieve Crabb. Initially I thought it may be difficult with so many small spaces, but once I began it had a mind of it's own. I chose to use red and orange, but the difference is hard to see, but I'm pleased with the result. oops. sorry no zendala.. and guess what, my laptop now wont connect to the internet. I will try to do it with my tablet.well i took the photo, tried to upload from gallery but that didnt work. sorry about that. it will eventually arrive on my blog one day. and another thing, my phone wont access wifi!! Must be some anti wifis in the air!


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    1. Oops, thanks faith. I did the post last night after a bit of wine... better not do that again! Ta for comment.

  2. Have a nice time in Melbourne and .... careful with wine :-)

  3. haha, your post made me smile, I kinda got a glimpse of your humour - glad you had a lovely Mothers' Day with your beautiful daughter :)

  4. Just catching up with your blogs Annie. I think you both look beautiful! x