Thursday, 8 January 2015

Diva Challenge #199 and a cruise.

First challenge for the year is a UMT "Hitched". I took the traditional approach for it.

During the holidays I completed a number of ATC's for a Facebook challenge. Using tangles which begin with our initials.
Afterglow, arches, arrows, a-fog, and arukas
Man-o-man, assunta, meer, apulia, and moon rocks
The current swap is to create a tile with only organic or only geometric tangles. Just finished a few.

These were both 'organic' ones. Media was watercolour wash backgrounds, fine liners and watercolour pencils or Prisma Verithins.

I mentioned in my last blog of 2014 that I was going on a cruise around New Zealand. Well it was great and not so great!!
It happened that hundreds on the boat caught a norovirus bug, also called stomach flu, which causes you to have bad diaoreah and vomiting, which confined them to their cabins sometimes for days.Then after all that they got stung a fortune in medical costs.

I selected a few shots for you.

Im off on an ocean wave!

With my friend Margie

Our cute cabin with plenty of room.

 A BBQ lunch

Such a work of art

Nearly tangled! port of call Wellington

Entering Fiordland

Though no sun, the clouds made it quite dramatic

This is my fave photo, I just love the colours
Amazing carpet design. Next week I'll do more on the Art Deco which pervades the ship.



  1. Please excuse my ignorance. I'm very, very new to Zentangle. What is UMT (am I going to slap my forehead and say Duh!?)? And is Hitched part of it? It will be nice to one day not be so new. Thanks for your blog! I appreciate a way to have some direction for the week.

    1. Hi BobbieAnn,
      UMT is Use My Tangle. i.e. use one thats been sent in to Laura which she designates. Check her site as Ive noted in todays blog. Thanks for visiting.

  2. All of your works are beautiful :)

  3. What a blog post! A cruise adventure, zentangled buildings and beautiful work again in your tiles. You know your colour work is uniquely you Anne, you have really mastered how to zentangle colour. I'm not sure many others have, but I love the juicyness, the deliciousness and the vibrancy of your coloured tiles. Your tile for the Diva is beautiful, fine clean work and I really like your adaptation of hitched as a border. Nice work my friend xx

    1. You are so kind Chrissie! Thanks for visiting. Have to say Ive learnt a lot from you too, especially the range of compositions you have is amazing .

  4. Wonderful challenge tile with these variations of Hitched! And the other pieces are great! I like your way of colouring!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos of your cruise!

    1. Thanks Loretta, glad you enjoyed this weeks blog.

  5. Love your Post, Anne. Thanks for the wonderful photographs of your cruise. (Sorry so many got ill.) All of your Tiles are lovely. Beautiful Colors. Your challenge tile is very clean, and Hitched looks great in both of your boarder applications. Beautiful work.

  6. Great tiles. Beautiful pictures.