Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Diva Challenge #209, marbling, Moonlight new tangle

St.Patrick's Day:- show a bit of green!!
I'm always happy when told to have COLOUR!!
So I followed Laura's example and got out my Koh-I-Nor paints, and yes, it is a lovely vivid green!

Normally when I use a colour background I will use the same colour pen, so it was a lovely surprise to use a black pen, so dramatic!

I read in last week's Tangle Harmony about using nail polish for marbling on ATC's, so had a go.

These turned out nicely, and I shall tangle them at a later date, but the process also produced some failures and the polish dries very quickly, so there's a skill one has to develop to win at this venture.

In my colouring of "Secret Garden", I decided I needed some more GellyRoll pens (you know, any excuse will do to get more art stuff). I ordered the Moonlight ones and tried them on black card. Sorry its not quite done yet, but thought you might like to see how great they are.
In the process of doing this border, I "invented" a nice tangle pattern. I'll the step-outs on next weeks' blog, but most of you will pick it up from this picture. I think I'll call it Moonlight after the pens.

Hope I have whetted your appetite to do some fun things!


  1. Beautiful green tile and I love your new moonlight tangle!

  2. A great tangles and a beautiful tile.

  3. I love the vivid green and your new moonlight tangle is a winner!

  4. Wonderful your "greening it up" tile! So fun and I'll look forward to seeing something done with your Nail polish marbled papers.