Saturday, 28 March 2015

Zendala Dare #100

I haven't created a Zendala Dare since Erin stopped doing them for a while. Now she's back on track with them I umed and ahh'd whether I wanted to get back into them, seeing as since then I have adopted Facebook's Zentangle ATC's and Aussie Zentangle Inspired Art sites. The ATC site presents a swap each month, and I just LOOOVE swaps! But its quite a bit of work as we need to create about 10 tiles or ATC's to swap. One of which normally takes me a whole evening or two. So I was reticent to go down Erin's road again. However when I saw it was number one hundred, I thought "I have to do that one" so I'm back on board! Thought I'd show a few of the type of swaps I did.

 Finally, my no. 100!!


  1. Yes, it's so good to 'have Erin back'!!! Your zendala is beautiful and so are the tiles for the swab.

  2. Your swaps are great, but your Zendala is quite stunning and has a real spring feel to me (even though I guess you are going into your fall). Hope you continue with the zendala's too!

  3. I like Your zendala! Beautiful colors of spring :-)