Thursday, 17 September 2015

Diva Challenge #235 "Stripes"

I love stripes! This year was involved with a brief Facebook group called "Stacked and Tangled", where each tangle had to lie down over another, in various shapes, oblong, spiral, sphere, l shape etc.
I'm currently away for a few days and brought with me a small watercolour book to work in. I had a page already coloured with Dylusion spray inks so drew on that. Extra colouring  by markers. I had fun using Margaret Bremner's new tangle Pixioze.
Without any shading

Shading with markers..
Time away in Victorias "Surf Coast". Whilst it was a bit cold and rainy we still enjoyed it! Heres a picture of the surf beach at Torquay, the famous Bells Beach is around the next cliff!
Torquay's main beach

The surf beach
Before I went away I bought a big bundle of daffodils, they were so gorgeous! Only $5 for 7 bunches!
One of each kind

all in a bucket together
Thanks to those who took time to comment on my last post, it means a lot.


  1. With shading et colors your second tile is beautiful !

  2. I don't quite understand how you did that color thing but it looks so beautiful! And aren't daffodils the happiest flowers on the planet? I'm smiling for them right now!

  3. A very beautiful tile!!! Thanks for sharing those photo's