Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Diva Challenge #236

Quite a different challenge this week. Find something one wouldn't normally tangle on!
checking around the house I finally chose a packet of tea !!!

I didn't want to tangle on the box, so I scanned it and drew up the 90mm square and went for it!

Tangles: Riverstones, Knase, Sand Swirl, Gerasse,
We have come into our lovely Spring, though its still quite cold. One day its 24 deg, then its 12!!!
We had a few days away at a seaside town called Anglesea, its near the famous surfers Bell's Beach.
When we returned home I delighted to pick these beautiful Fuscias!
nearly Bells Beach at Torquay

A Spring bouquet

My precious grandies with their FIRSTs and other ribbons from their athletics carnival.

Still doing bookmarks!!!


  1. I like your zia and also love the bookmark.

  2. Well, I don't know where to start.The photos of the beach made me want to pack my cossie and just go there. And the fuchsias, don't tell me you picked them in your garden. For me, they are always an exotic and one of my favourite flowers. You have very athletic grandchildren too, you must be very proud. And then the bookmark is so pretty.

    Oh, and I nearly forgot the Diva Challenge tile - which I really like, especially the "grass" effect at the bottom.

  3. Love the green touch in your Diva tile, it goes very well with the background.

  4. Love your diva tile and all the other lovelies! Great photos and a lovely bookmark too!

  5. I like how you carried the color of the box over into your tangles. Very nice. I also enjoyed seeing your other pictures. Love to see pictures of the ocean at anytime and your grandchildren are precious. I also love that bookmark!

  6. Nice green on your diva tile, and looking at the picture of the beach that isn't Torquay in the UK? Its wet and miserable here in the right hand middle side of the country :(and not spring the flowers are really bright and cheerful. So your in Oz?

  7. what a great idea, a tea box! I'm still scoping out my place for something really different...Hmmm, there is sidewalk...hmmm. Gorgeous bookmark too!

  8. Lovely work!!! And your bookmarks have just been gorgeous!! What lovely little ladies you have for grandies!!! Congrats on their accomplishments!! :0) Annette

  9. This should be titled 'how to turn a boring everyday item into art' Wonderful and an interesting blog to go with it too :-)

  10. Very nice! And the bookmark is lovely as well! And who can't notice a proud grandma...always nice to see :) Enjoy them!

  11. Your grandchildren are so adorable! How fun that they won all those ribbons! The flowers are unbelievable! Where I live we have spectacular cactus flowers, but you can't pick them and they only live about 15 minutes anyway! I love your tea box tangle. The soft green on the box really sets the tone for your lovely work!