Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Diva Challenge #237 Stencil as string

Quite a change for the challenge this week. That is to use a stencil design as the string for the zentangle.  I began to rummage around amongst my stencils, then remembered I had one already which would be just right. I created it while exploring Dylusion Spray Inks. As the design was made of various sized circles, I thought I would use as many tangles as I could which took on a circle format. The background has two or three layers of spray on it, so I needed to use a size 5 micron.

Tangles: Drupe, Voxter, Snaylz Trayl, Daggerly, Vano, Man-o-man, Jelly Roll,
Hurakan, Mumsy, Kuke, Mirasu.