Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Back after work. One interesting bit. I was seriously instructing the students about an essay I had set for them when I saw a girl standing at the door. I often have students interrupting my classes for some materials or other, so asked her to go. Turned out she was a NEW STUDENT JOINING MY CLASS!! Poor thing. what a welcome. Anyway we both got over it.
I have some more bits to share, hope you like them.

This lovely letter was given to me on a card from one of my afternoon ladies.
First pic is in my Zia fun book. I was tryng out my Prismacolours. Think they are brilliant, but watercolour paper isnt probably the best paper to use. I have another little book I use with art paper in it in which I put tangles. I had the book with me on Monday when I had to go to the doctor and waited ages. I had no idea how long I waited because I happily tangled away. Next thing is to try my Prismas on the paper to see the difference.

I enjoyed this weeks tangle. Sometimes its a good idea to be limited in how many to use.

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