Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wednesday 20th July

Thanks to those who have sent comments on my fairyland. Its most encouraging since I have only just begun to "blog", and to know others are interested. So thanks for your kind words.

I had my fortnightly art and craft arvo today. Two ladies have taken to zentangling , one in particular has become addicted (yay!) She is even making up her own tangles!It is very rewarding when we share our obsessions plus our artwork. People develop in so many different ways, and we continue to learn from each other. Never a dull moment.

Its the first time I have completed Diva's challeng in one day, both in black and white and painting it, then to scan plus post it. Just as well I teach part time hey! Trouble with doing the challenges so quickly is what do I do next? well, I do want to do a big tangle but before that make a header for the blog. However it wont be tomorrow cos we have a VCE (year 11 and 12) meeting at night for parents so students can choose their subject for next year, then on the weekend my daughter is coming to visit for my birthday. All things in good time. TTFN and happy tangling

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