Monday, 18 July 2011

Tuesday 19th July

Just tried to link up with Divas Linkey machine. Then I realised I cant do it till I have my tile on the site. Well, I havent done it yet cos I only just found out what to do. Duh. Senior moment!

I am quite excited as I have just started a ZIA fun book. I found a watercolour paper spiral book, perfect size for tiles. So now I can feed my colour addiction and paint them all!

!Ill try to do one a week.Im using winsor and Newton watercolour pans which give a lovely clear, transparent colour. Heres what Ive done so far.
(well, I tried to load them but doesnt sem to be going right either. Press on..)

Back at school today. Some have done holiday homework, others not. Oh well, its their life. Better start Challenge #31. Fairy!


  1. Wow... this fairy garden is so unique and so beautiful!

    Greetings, Saskia :)