Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday,11th July

Hi all,

Here I go to join the throng of Bloggers. I dont really have time, but then I seem to be out of the loop not having one, as my new friends Im finding all have one, and I need it to get a URL to put on the "linkey machine" of  'I am the Diva' s blog!!

I'm quite excited as today I introduced two more to the wonderful world of tangling!! (Only those in the know will know). Its fabulous when people get absorbed in what they are doing especially when they "DEFINITLELY CAN'T DRAW" !! Then when they have finished their first tile they are so thrilled with what they have produced, and they just loved doing it. yay! Another convert!

I was told that making a blog wont take long. well, Ive been fussing around for about 2 hours and I havent finished yet! Im sorry the page is so fussy but the backgound design makes me laugh every time I look at it!! So I thought thats a good way to start doing a post!

So Im going to stop now and hope for the best that I wont have to repeat any of this, in which case I dont think I would.

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