Sunday, 12 February 2012

Calendar and more exploring

Finished another trial of materials last night. On this mini canvas (4"x4"x1") I used Sharpie fine markers. Bit frustrating when the red didnt last very long, but otherwise they were ok, nice and bright and fine enough for a dgree of detail. I made no attempt to add shading as I felt it wasnt needed. Bit of fun.

I am a bit reticient to put my calendar page on as its really bit of a mess! I tried to do a large flowing grid with tangles that needed a grid. The perspective wasn't right and I did it too quickly. The colour improved things but still a failure. Part of the process of learning hey. Looks like a patchwork bedspread!!


  1. Love the crazy quilt look! I received mine in the mail a couple of weeks ago and love adorning it! Thanks for the inspiration and link! Oh, btw, I saw some fabric a few weeks ago with cute birdie line drawings on it. I thought of your blog's background which made the fabric irresistible, so I bought t!

    1. Thanks for comment and taking time to write. I guess with so many pages to fill not everyone will be perfect. Ididnt draw the birdies on my blog but Id like to They are so cute. Lets know how you go with your calendar. Do you have a blog?

  2. Well, you enjoy drawing and the paper-quilt is fun!
    I have no calender no time is is all new for me!
    Your canvas is also very colourfull.
    Until next time!