Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Catch up

Very excited today to have scored 10,000 page views!! Quite encouraging. Many thanks to my viewers.

Unfortunately I am without my laptop at the moment, so cant post any tangling or art work. But once I have it back from the IT doctor there'll be plenty to show. I have completed two more canvas tangles for the Art teacher's exhibition in May. My latest was 3'square. I created it at the newly formed Drouin art group. Some were taken in by the tangles and can't wait to learn how to zentangle!! I plan on going biggerer and biggerer!!

Had fun with my 11's this week. We made special effects with inks. Once dry they are to fill in white areas with tangles. Great to be able to employ tangles into my art course. I think Art teaching must be the most fun job in education!!

lol ttfn

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